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The Best Friend You Will Ever Have

Responsible and Compassionate Breeder
Previously the Owner's of Priscillas Precious Pups 2002-2010 (Clintonville, WI) 
We also have renamed our Kennel to 4-Ever Best Friends in honor of my best friend Deni Wolfertz
Deni, You left us way to soon and so many hearts have been broken.  I know the hearts you have made so happy and even though you are gone from us you will always live on in many of those hearts, both human and canine.  Miss you girlfriend.
Dogs are our World
  1. Our Beloved Tank
    Our Beloved Tank
Whether you find your pup here or somewhere else, make sure it is a reputable breeder.
Pay close attention when you’re visiting breeders.
Use this check list of what to look for in a good breeder.
1.  The dogs live inside. (Puppies who are going to be family dogs should be raised inside with family, not outside in a backyard, a basement, or secluded from people.
2.  The parents and puppies are receptive to people, that’s a good sign that they’ve been properly cared for and socialized.
3.  The place is clean, make sure the dogs’ living area is safe, sanitary, and that they’re supplied with fresh water, beds, and toys. Is there access to a toilet area in the puppy’s living quarters? This will ensure the puppies have a head start on housetraining.
4.  The breeder asks you to sign a spay/neuter contract and offers a health guarantee against genetic defects. If you’re buying a dog who’s not going to be bred, the breeder should ask you to sign a contract promising to spay or neuter your pup, to avoid contributing to pet overpopulation.
5.  The breeder is up-front about the breed’s rawbacks, whether that means a tendency to develop certain health problems or a temperament that’s not for every owner. A good breeder wants you to love and care for your new dog for his entire lifetime, and she knows that’s more likely if you’re well prepared.
6.  The breeder wants to meet the whole family and welcomes several visits to make the best match for you as well as the pup. A breeder should want to meet everyone who’ll be living with the puppy. And she’ll want you to take the time to make the right decision.
7.  The breeder asks you lots of questions. This shows she wants to know exactly what kind of home her puppies are going to. She may ask who’s going to be home during the day, what your dog-owning history is, and why you’re interested in the breed. Don’t be defensive; she’s just doing her job, which is taking care of the pups she brings into the world.
8.  The breeder will take the dog back, at any stage of the dog’s life, if you’re unable to care for him or her. A good breeder will insist on this. Again, she wants to make sure the puppies she brought into the world will always be taken care of.
9.  The breeder won’t let you take the puppy home before a minimum of eight weeks old. Playing with littermates teaches puppies socialization. A puppy who’s taken away from her littermates too early is at a major disadvantage in her canine social skills.
10.  Bottom line... Before buying a puppy, take the time to research and find a responsible breeder. Puppies from good breeders are more likely to grow up to be healthy, temperamentally sound dogs.
We are a small breeding facility located near the Suring, WI area.  We previously owned Priscillas Precious Pups in Clintonville, WI from 2002-2007 when we moved to the state of Washington with all of our dogs.  Family issues brought us back to Wisconsin in the Suamico area.  At one point we had to care for an elderly parent and give up most of our dogs. Not only was this devastating to us, having to watch a parent suffer was worse.
We vowed to once again find a place we could enjoy having dogs again and found that in 2014. All of our dogs have been purchased and raised as pups in our home.
Although we do not reside near Clintonville we continue to have Clintonville's "We Care Animal Hospital" as our veterinary specialists.